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This is also where all custom integrations and all plug-ins will be deployed. From inRiver Connect view it is possible to start, stop all services, view all events on all services and work with configurations on the services. inRiver is a market leader of Product Information Management (PIM) software. We give omni-channel commerce professionals the power to create, maintain and distribute perfect product information to NOTE. In some cases product images cannot be retrieved directly from inRiver, for example due to the inRiver API or network limitations. Nevertheless, there is a possibility to retrieve product images using an external file storage.

Inriver api

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About Us Careers at GetApp News Resources Trending tags. 2016-06-12 We use cookies to individualize this page for you Accept Getting Started with the Connector for inRiver PIM. You access the Connector from the inRiver Rich Client, so that you can send out product information for translation. Digital River Interactive Demo. OpenAPI/Swagger-generated API Reference Documentation The API-based connection allows for data available in Inriver, such as products, categories, families, attributes, products, and product models to be connected to Subiekt GT ERP. Alumio provides an IT-landscape to get rid of data silos, creates an integration software ready for future growth, and provides your business with a normalized data entity so that you can plug-in any tool any time.

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Asset API: API that connects inRiver with the system where your digital assets are stored. Content Store: inRiver add-on capability where end users can access product information, images, and videos.

Inriver api

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Get channel id's for entity id. Response Class (Status 200) OK. get /api/v1.0.0/entities/{entityId}/linksandfields.

Inriver api

Address: Fäggeby Hedemora Show map · Overview · Map. Please check your map setup - API key and Provider. + −. ⇧. i.
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This extended search feature provides a better overview and increased accessibility to specifications. This is especially useful when working with large numbers of product attributes. An adapter built using the Integration Framework is a packaged outbound integration, connecting inRiver to a specific external system. It is built on the inRiver Integration Framework and uses its adapter delivery approach.

We grew from a small  Inriver som utvecklar ett produktinformationsverktyg (PIM) jobbar vidare med sin globala expansion. 2015 fick men Gelato i API-partnerskap med Shutterstock. Sök företag, personer och platser.
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