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But when a sentence uses a linking verb, it has a subject complement instead of an object The word angry complements, or adds to, the subject he very nicely. After two hours cycling, we arrived exhausted. The function is similar to that of the subject complement, but as far as I know, subject complements  Dear Children What is Subject Complement? In simple words, subject complement is an adjective, word, or pronoun that follows the link action. A subject. 19 May 2010 In grammar, a subject complement is a phrase or clause that follows a linking verb (copula) and complements, or completes, the subject of the  Recognize primary grammtical functions in a clause (subject, predicate, complement, adjunct) identify lexical categories ('parts of speech').

Subject complement

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subject complement synonyms, subject complement pronunciation, subject complement translation, English dictionary definition of subject complement. A subject complement is the information that follows a linking verb to describe, identify, or rename the subject of the clause. In the name of profit, the entire staff complement of a company, which is nonetheless operating correctly, can be thrown overboard. subject + linking verb + subject complement Create your account to access this entire worksheet A Premium account gives you access to all lesson, practice exams, quizzes & worksheets A subject complement is a word or phrase that follows a linking verb and identifies or describes the subject. For example (subject complements in bold): John is the captain.

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Examples:• Joe is a lover of apples. Subject: Joe Subject Complement: lover• Jacob’s new kite was blue. Subject While a subject complement helps make the subject complete, an object complement works hard to complement an object.

Subject complement

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A subject complement can be a noun, pronoun or an adjective. 2021-03-12 · Subject complement as a pronoun. When a subject complement renames the subject, it’s usually a noun, but it can also be a pronoun. When a subject complement is a pronoun, some people use a subjective pronoun, and some use an objective pronoun. It was me who saved her. It was I who saved her. Now, which one is correct to use?

Subject complement

It was I who saved her. Now, which one is correct to use? Complement is an important element of sentence. It may be a word, phrase, or clause used to complement meaning to subject, object or verb in sentence.Among all complements, subject and object complements are highly important to construct complete meaning by providing information to subject or object in the form of words, phrases, or clause.
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The three types of subject complements are called predicate nouns, predicate adjectives, and predicate pronouns. Subject: Joe Subject Complement: lover• Jacob’s new kite was blue.

Complements are also similarly divided.
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Every word in a sentence serves a specific purpose within the structure of that  Q. What type of subject complement is option in the sentence?Mark's idea is an option to consider. answer choices. predicate pronoun. predicate noun. Since the two subjects (the complement clause itself and the subject of the complement clause) are not the same, -kat must mark nominative case, rather than  The title of the section in which Quirk et al. address these predicates, or copular verb phrases, is "Adjective phrase as subject complement" (16.21), the relevant  11 Sep 2020 complement. Linking Verbs and Subject Complement Sometimes the verb is neither enough on its own, nor does it take any object after it.